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Fear of a Robot Planet

Days of Future Passed Out Drunk

Scream Chocula, Scream!

A mini-bio.

My full name is Alexander Arvid Kennedy.

If my life was a TV series, this would be the season 3 DVD commentary. Enjoy the stupid in jokes and run on stories that go nowhere.

I'll never forgive those Klingon bastards for the death of my boy.
"intelligent dance music", ableton live, achewood, alan moore, antony and the johnsons, assisted living dracula, autechre, battle royale, beefcake, bitcrush, black strobe, bob odenkirk, brian k. vaughan, caballeros, cbc, coil, comic book liberation army, comic books, comics, converter, count chocula, covenant, dan clowes, danger: diabolik, david cross, delightful, dexter, dio, djing, donairs, doom patrol, einstürzende neubauten, esl lyrics, evan dorkin, ex machina, false modesty, front 242, futurama, ghostface killah, grant morrison, gridlock, guild of calamitous intent, guitar hero, halifax, hate song, haujobb, impotent rage, industrial, jack kirby, jay johnston, joy division, king ghidorah, kirlian camera, kyle baker, luna moth, m83, ministry, movie theatre etiquette, mr. banana grabber, mr. show, mstrkrft, new order, nico, nintendo ds, orgy of the dead, paul pope, peter bagge, peter hook, phillip j. fry, procrastination, puzzle quest, rap, red foot tortoises, rez, risotto, robosexuality, robot bastard, robots, runaways, scott pilgrim, seething, sega master system, seven samurai, silver age dc comics, skinny puppy, slacker noir, sleep, snog, stiltman, strange adventures, stray bullets, surliness, sushi, sweet cuppin cakes, taco salad, teenagers from mars, text messaging, the escapist, the faint, the filth, the goon, the great outdoor fight, the invisibles, the knife, the legendary pink dots, the presets, the tear garden, tom strong, tony millionaire, tv on dvd, unknown pleasures, urusai, using the word "gay", using the word "shazam", venetian snares, venture brothers, waluigi, wordburglar, y: the last man, ye olde